Taylor Beauty is a family owned brand based in Westchester County, NY. We are all about family, fun, and living a flavorful lifestyle. Each of our products reflect an aspect of our lives and we’ve named them accordingly. It’s our way of spreading a little more love packaged with a sweet smelling aroma across the world.

Co-founders Madison Taylor and Bryan Taylor came up with the concept to develop a brand during a family trip to St. Maarten, our home away from home. Immediately, Madison took on the role of Chief Experience Officer (CEO) developing fun flavors (aka scents), while Bryan became the Chief Operations Officer, using his sales background to assist his daughter in daily operations and logistics (who else would carry those heavy boxes around for free).

As parents, we encourage our kids to explore and follow their dreams, while working hard to see them through. We also believe in giving back. It’s why a portion of every sale is donated to a cause that represents Culture & Community.

Keeping it Family, Fun, and Flavorful Since 2019