After months of being cooped up indoors as a family of five, hubby decided we needed some time away to just be - where masks are optional (after all, covid is still very real in the US). We packed up the car and headed to Montauk - about a 3 hour drive from Westchester. Kids in tow, DJ daddy’s playlist, and the anticipation that soon we’d be poolside and sunbathing on the beach set the tone for Fourth of July weekend. Perfect way to celebrate Madison's 8th grade graduation!

If you’ve ever been to the Hamptons or the surrounding areas (Montauk or Amagansett), you know the ability to leave New York City and slow down a bit is just a drive away. For many New Yorkers, the Hamptons is a second home. It was our first time and the kids were thrilled. Just to be able to go outside and have a little sense of normalcy made all the difference.

Hubby had to convince the wife that it was ‘safe’ to venture outside of our home (basically, the yard has become a barrier to the outside world). Once she allowed herself to actually release the anxiety that covid has caused, mom (wife) was able to enjoy herself as well.

 Montauk-ocean view

The beach was the perfect serene scene, both calming and restorative. The ocean always feels like it cleanses all the impurities of the world. It’s our happy place.

We rented an AirBnB studio condo, complete with balcony and pool just out the door, with the beach steps away. The kitchenette basically served its purpose for chilling beverages, holding snacks, and making microwave Mac-n-Cheese.

Local eateries and food trucks within walking distance made it easy to eat on demand. We made it our mission to hit up the town faves like Goldberg’s Bagels, The Lobster Roll (actually in Amagansett - ya’ll recall this spot from the tv show The Affair), Sammy’s (food truck feed the kids palate perfectly), Gosman’s, and for dessert, ice cream was on the menu daily.

Montauk-Lobster Roll-restaurant 

Hungry in Montauk

Local eateries and food trucks within walking distance  


Seemed like we had the pool to ourselves, As we suspected, some folks just aren’t ready to risk being outside around others. We came prepared with masks and sanitizer in our sunbathing toolkits (along with sunscreen and hats), but since there wasn't anyone around, we felt like we were in our own backyard pool deck oasis. We live for the water and the beach nearby was perfect. 

The kids even grabbed souvenir sweatshirts (BOGO) to add to their growing collection. We definitely plan to go back. It was an easy weekend away, without really leaving our home. Thank you Montauk for helping to restore some sanity during this crazy time. xo


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