Do you know your love language? Similar to love languages, fragrances and scents are often telltale signs of a person’s personality traits. Ever been curious to see which lotion from Taylor Beauty suits you best? Here’s a few ways to find the flavor that corresponds to your behavior when choosing scents.

Tender. Feminine. Loving. Are you sensitive? Hard on the outside, but soft inside. Easily bruised by the conversation of others? Or, perhaps you naturally gravitate toward delicate aromas, softer scents that don’t overpower a room when you enter. Smooth talker? Are you able to tilt the stakes in your favor? Do juicy chats get you aroused? Do you protect the energy around you? If any of this sounds like you, we’d consider you a peach… Peche is your flavor!

Bright. Bold. Brilliant. Are you a chameleon - made up of many interests and able to easily adapt to the environment around you? Do you people find you eye-catching? Not just physically, but does the pursuit of your dreams and goals inspire and motivate them? As bizarre as some may consider you, others are in awe of your relentless pursuit for personal happiness. The curiosity and spirit of a child help to convey your uniqueness in this world. There’s no one quite like you. Sound familiar? We’d consider your flavor… Blue Razz.

Thick skin. Grounded. Compassionate. You’re the one people want in their circle. You give a lot to those around you. The consummate optimist spreading goodness wherever you go. You have a contagious rich spirit. Your mental and physical needs are just as important as everyone around you. Find water calming? Often dream of or visit tropical places? Does your love of travel feed your soul and spark your creative juices. We think you have a lot in common with … Coconut Kiwi, the flavor suits you!

Sweet. Spicy. Trendsetter. There’s a reason strawberries and avocados rank among the healthiest foods on earth. It’s the same reason that people who find themselves in this group are considered desirable. They tend to be on trend, super healthy (aka fit), and high energy. Their personality radiates sunshine and brightens the mood of those around them. Some would consider them an aphrodisiac for stimulating the mind. They kill you with their kindness and engulf you in their euphoria. See the resemblance? Then, we’ve got the perfect flavor for you… Strawberry Avocado.

If you find that you have multiple characteristics across all of our flavors or that you like to switch it up, depending on the day, you can get a taste of it all by indulging in our quartet. It’s the best of all worlds. xo
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