Ultimate Galentine's Giveaway

Ultimate Galentine's Giveaway

The month of February has several celebrations including love (friendship and romantic), Black history, wellness (hey American Heart Day), Mardi Gras (salute to NOLA energy), and more. For many, it's the official start of the new year (making January a trial month). We've landed on the love boat and decided to honor one special lady with the ultimate Galentine's Giveaway, dedicated to self love in the form of care through our curated gift basket with a few of our favorite Black-owned brands we're crushing on at the moment.


Why Galentine's? Women really do hold up the world and showing appreciation for their impact on and in our lives is a love language. Whether you're single or matched this holiday, we invite you to grab your girls for brunch, a day out, or in a night in and relish in the wonderful ways your friendships have impacted your life and overall wellbeing. Let's get into the goodies!


First up, we're kicking off our mornings with Adjourn Teahouse, where memory, flavor, herbs, and spices collide giving us the complete experience from luxurious tea blends to teaware and more. Founder LaTonia desires us all to adjourn or pause intentionally and has commissioned her teas as a sustainable ritual to help us become more present and fully relish in the moment. Ya'll steeping? We sure are. Not sure? Take the Adjourn Tea Quiz to find your perfect blend.


When we discovered the "unorthodox" Walker boys and their AfroPicks, we immediately knew there was more to them than just a tool to take care of our natural hair. Their designs (and them) are a symbol of unity, strength, and heritage. Through the marriage of art + culture, they're on a mission to bring afro textured hair back to the "norm." And, we're here for it!


We recently discovered this lovely gift set from Be Rooted Co featuring a Wake Up, Wine Down coffee mug and glass to calibrate the day... because life happens. Founder Jasmine desired to create a space where women of color could see themselves where they hadn’t before. By weaving culture and representation into every design and message, her products inspire customers to explore their inner muse and celebrate self. Yes, girl... we will drink to that!


Eve Milan NY founder Eden, an esthetician for over a decade in the skin care industry has worked with thousands of people and knows the day to day struggles they have with their skin. She coined the phrase “Wear make up because you want to, not because you have to”® in an effort to unleash more confidence in being comfortable in your own skin, rather than masking issues and insecurities behind makeup. She gives hope to those who need help achieving their skincare goals due to lack of understanding and knowledge of quality products. Eve Milan NY offers a 5-step proven regimen, plus her award-winning face mask, and nutritional support to restore your skin's perfect glow.


When Chicago content creator Ebony (aka brownskinbeautiful) shared her nervousness about launching the Everyday Beautiful Journal on Amazon, we immediately ran to support. With prompts designed to encourage self-reflection and positive thinking, her journal provides a safe space to express thoughts and feelings. She even has a kids version too (we love an intentional mommy moment). If you love journaling and more, we invite you to shop her merch featuring gorgeous images of women and their tribe on her website.


If you're an "it girl" then you must be into manicures and the latest fashion accessories (hint: nails). Who doesn't want to create beautiful nails without the health risk? Right! Us too. Make sure Jessie Monroe Nail Care is your next purchase. Founder Kalena created and named the brand after her grandmother who was unable to wear nail polish due to the chemicals it contained. Made for her people and the community she lives in and loves, Jessie Monroe Nailcare offers 20+ vibrant colors, nail accessories, and treatments.


When one of America's favorite mommy influencers, Mattie James, dropped her first (and can we say best-selling) book Everyday MAGIC, we had to have it. In this book, Mattie shows you how, helping you to evaluate the tasks and decisions you face in your daily life to make sure everything in your life is MAGIC:

  • Meaningful
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Goal-oriented
  • Intentional
  • Consistent

This honest and practical guide offers tools, insights, and encouragement to help you center yourself within the minutiae of everyday life and evaluate tasks to become intentional about everything you do, proving that life can be beautiful amidst the chaos.


Are you a woman who wants it ALL? Meet Mischo Beauty, an award-winning luxury clean beauty brand featured in and on #OprahsFavoriteThings, #AllureBestinBeauty, Macy's, JC Penney's x Thirteen Lune, Amazon, and more. Founder Kitiya always enthusiastically envisioned her future as a beauty innovator so she moved to create what she could not find, a non-toxic nail lacquer. Over the years, Mischo Beauty expanded her nail care brand, adding a hand cream and launching a few of our favorite new lippies and blush. Be sure to listen and subscribe to her new podcast, Serving Beauty, where she spotlights trailblazing Black female founders in beauty.


Rediscover your joy and secure your peace with RVL Wellness' therapeutic puzzles. During the peak of the pandemic, Founder Brittny struggled with anxiety and depression. Her therapist suggested that she try recalling times from her childhood that brought her joy. The first memory that came to mind was sitting at the kitchen table doing puzzles with her grandmother and the peace she felt in those moments. Brittny created RVL Wellness to help other women like her rediscover their joy and secure their peace with every piece.


We couldn't offer this amazing giveaway without sharing our own Taylor Beauty scented lotions. Born out of a desire to create her own assortment of beauty products, teenpreneur Madison and her father launched the brand as a reflection of the fun, flavorful, family memories she held so close to her. Our "Give Me All the Flavor" 7-piece set will set you on a path to soft, smooth, hydrated hands and skin. Get ready to embrace the joy of self-care, sprinkled with a hint of tropical luxury when you experience the difference with Taylor Beauty Products.


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