Our Newest Beauty Companion - 1, 2, 3, and now 4

Our Newest Beauty Companion - 1, 2, 3, and now 4

We’re adding to our family! No, not our newborn son either (although that addition is pretty cute and cuddly). Spring has sprung, beauty is key, and we have a new flavor on the horizon, just in time for Mother’s Day.

Coming soon, we will welcome Strawberry Avocado - a combination of our favorite fruit and one of our favorite appetizers (guacamole).

We love eating fresh strawberries, we love strawberries in our smoothies, we like dipping them in whipped cream, we eat them with our ice cream, and we love them on top of cheesecake. Some have even called the birthmark on Ylorie’s nose a strawberry. I think you get the picture.

Avocado has so many good uses - and we thought the name paired the two loves perfectly. Think avocado toast, or bbq bacon avocado chicken breasts (one of our favorite recipes that Bryan cooks frequently), and of course, as mentioned, guacamole - a yummy snack packed with nutrients. If you’re on the hunt for amazing guac in New York, we highly recommend Rosa Mexicano or Dos Caminos. Neither will disappoint!

If you’ve yet to try our launch trio (Peche, Blue Razz, and Coconut Kiwi), here’s a little insight on how those came to be our original flavors.

Peche - French for peach; we named this flavor (scent/fragrance) in honor of where the idea of Taylor Beauty was born, in Saint Martin (aka St. Marteen). This island was an annual family vacation for the Taylor clan and we’re excited that we get to share those memories now with our children. We stay at Simpson Bay Beach Resort - in the heart of everything (restaurants, beaches, shopping). Family nights out (think food + music) must include a stop at Pineapple Pete and Cheri’s Cafe.

Blue Razz - have you ever had your tongue turn blue? We have because it’s our favorite candy flavor. Pretty easy to name this flavor - it’s fun and kid friendly! You can grab our favorite blue raspberry rings on Amazon. We love passing these out when we vend at events so customers can experience the flavor in and on the body.

Coconut Kiwi - Madison is Chief Experience Officer for a reason. She comes up with the names and scents. As soon as she said this one, we knew it would be a winner.

We hope you’ll grab Strawberry Avocado soon. It’s such a great way to introduce spring and round out the current flavors. We poured the same love, moisturizing sensation, and smoothness into this one that everyone adores about the original trio.

Just like the above loves, we mentioned earlier that we also birthed a new human member of our family. His name is Lenox and he’s the highlight of 2020. Not even the pandemic can take away the joy we feel to have him here with us. Stay tuned for more updates on raising a newborn in this new decade and how the older kids (toddler + teenager) are adjusting to the addition. He's definitely the life of our party!

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