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The holidays are here and this year has been a doozy to say the least! One thing is for sure, kids are still making lists and sending letters to Santa. Even the big kids, like Madison, made a list. We know how indecisive teens can be so we asked her to share the hottest items parents can buy this year for the teenagers in their lives. Disclaimer: we are not committed to buying all or any of these, but hey a kid can dream right? LOL

Since Madison entered middle school there was talk about how she needed and iPhone. It wasn’t just the responsibility of having a cell phone, it was also the ability to monitor her usage and make sure the phone didn’t take over normal daily activities (you know like actually having a conversation with someone outside of texting, duh!). It should be no surprise that this made the list. Every new model makes the list and this year, the iPhone 12 is all the rage.

Bryan and Madison - iphone taking care of business

Clothing, sneakers, gaming devices, and a few other personal items like jewelry and make up round out the list. In case you’re stuck on where to start, here’s a glimpse into what a teenpreneur shared the she and her friends are gushing over this holiday season.

  • Jordan 1
  • Nike sweatpants
  • Nike Blazer Mid 77’ Vintage
  • Oversized sweatshirts and hoodies
  • Uggs
  • Face masks (we loved seeing the responsibility here, even in the name of fashion)
  • iPhone
  • PS5 - save your time, Play Station 5 is sold out everywhere
  • Jewelry
  • Name necklaces, earrings, gold and/or silver rings (stacks are super fun)

If none of those suit your fancy - or, if you have one of those kids who anything you buy somehow ends up being donated the following season, there’s always gift cards. From Amazon to Fashion Nova, Shein, Nike, and beyond, nothing spends like cash (or gift cards).

Don’t forget the fun stuff like body scents, perfumes, shower gels, and of course, Taylor Beauty lotions.

Let us know what’s on your kid’s gift getting list. After all, we’re in this together.

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