Decadent Moisturizer? Yes! Meet the Alluring Strawberry Avocado

Decadent Moisturizer? Yes! Meet the Alluring Strawberry Avocado

Ever had chocolate covered strawberries? Strawberry cheesecake? Or, strawberries and whipped cream? Then you can understand why this is one of our family’s favorite fruit. It’s also one half of the flavor duo for our newest addition, Strawberry Avocado.

This lotion flavor evokes many emotions, tapping into our love of food flavors. That’s why avocado was such an easy pairing. If you don’t like avocado on salads or sandwiches, you’ve most likely been bitten by the guacamole bug. It’s such an amazing touch of flavor, it’s no wonder so many appetizers and meals are now including this fruit as part of the cuisine.

We’ve rounded out ten reasons this lotion fits within your lifestyle:

  • Strawberries make desserts that much sweeter
  • Strawberries are perfect for dipping - in chocolate, sour cream, whipped cream, and many other
  • Strawberries make pretty toppings
  • Strawberries go well in beverages - from smoothies to lemonades and  libations
  • You can find strawberries year round in most markets so your taste buds are always satisfied
  • Avocado turns boring toast into a delicacy
  • Adding avocado to salads (or as a dressing) takes the bland out of the leafy green stuff (lol)
  • Avocados are a great source of vitamins and promote healthy skin
  • Avocados can be used to reduce bags and puffiness under eyes (YES! #winning)
  • Avocados are extremely moisturizing and nourishing (great ingredient in a lotion!)

With all of the above reasons - and many more, we’re pretty sure this flavor will soon become a best seller! Grab your trio for $15 or the entire quartet for $20, with free shipping.

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