Originally posted May 12, 2020

Today, we celebrate nurses across the globe for their contributions and efforts to keep us safe and healthy. While the pandemic has put an undue amount of emotional and physical strain on these essential employees, we take a look back at how a few good nurses at New York’s Columbia Presbyterian Children’s Hospital changed our life 7 years ago.

Our oldest son was born at 24 weeks. Gasp! He spent 10 months in the NICU fighting for his right to come home and lead a normal life. We experienced a bevy of emotions and made a lot of decisions, including those surrounding his care while in NICU. To this day, we keep in touch with a few of the nurses who kept him alive and well during his tenure there.

We’d like to believe that doctors save lives, but we’ve learned that it takes a village and those who watch over patients all day long (i.e. nurses) are the real heroes. They truly CARE for the patient. They become like FAMILY. They hold your hand. They take your calls. They can even give you insight for tough decisions. They’ve seen a lot and yet they show up everyday, ready to do it all over again.

Thank you again for your service - for living out your purpose. You saved our son’s life and for that we are forever grateful. May God bless you and your families worldwide. Xo

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